More Kansas hospitals look to Conrade Insurance Group for their risk consulting and insurance brokerage than any other firm. We have a deep understanding of hospital operations and how proper risk management impacts your finances, including your CMS Cost Report. Our entire team is well-versed in hospital risk management, the Health Care Stabilization Fund, and the statutory specifics that make your CAH, PPS, non-profit or for-profit hospital unique. We can even help you better manage your important physician relationships.

Above all else, we prioritize two aspects of your hospital’s insurance program.

1) That your hospital is insured correctly with all exposures identified and risk mitigation strategies properly developed. Your community’s ability to have healthcare continuity after a disaster could depend on the insurance broker you choose.

2) That your insurance program be affordable. With ever increasing budget pressures, we understand how important cost containment is with every expense. Forty years’ experience insuring hospitals has allowed us to align ourselves with carriers, programs, and strategies that maximize your risk financing power.

Conrade Insurance Group has been selected by KHA/KHSC as a preferred insurance broker. We developed and facilitate the KHSC Hospital Property Insurance Program with Chubb Insurance Group and the KHSC Management Liability Insurance Program with Cincinnati Insurance Company. Additionally, we are KAMMCO’s largest broker partner, the KHA’s endorsed partner for general, professional, and cyber liability products.